Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sienna & Mateo's Candyland Birthday Party!!!!

Okay so I'm finally getting the chance to post all the pics from my kids Candyland/Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party! Sienna turned 4 and Mateo turned two. I am forced to have 2 parties in one because my cupcakes are only 1 day apart :( The 5th and 6th of January!!! Yikes, right after Xmas too. Well here goes a really really long post of pictures. But I must share because I spent so much time and energy into this party to make my cupcakes happy. Who doesn't enjoy a party surrounded with candy and sweets???

So let's start with my cupcakes party outfits...arn't they adorable?? I got Siennas petti skirt at Studio 365 while we were in Disneyland a few weeks before the party. Her shirt I made myself by ordering the rhinestone transfer online and ironing it on her shirt myself. I picked up a cute long sleeve at target for like 5 bucks. Mateo's shirt I ordered from a cute little etsy shop online.
These invitations were a little creation of my own. Although I couldn't throw them in the mail I was able to just hand them out. Which I didnt mind at all because I thought they came out so darn cute!!!
Here is my tableware that I chose. I had to pick something neutral for a boy and girl so I thought striped and polka dots would be perfect for a candyland party! I picked up the napkins and plates from Party City and wrapped a candy bracelet around each napkin and fork.
Here is my adorable wreath I made out of a huge bag of dum-dum lollipops! I picked up a huge bag at walmart for like 6 dollars. Can't beat that for this adorable wreath! I basically stuck each dum dum one by one into a styrofoam wreath that I picked up at Michaels. The bow and label I made myself :)
Here is my entry way table as my guests arrived. I made the sign with one of my cork boards I had laying around the house. I cut letters from my cricut and stuck them on the board. I even painted the frame of my cork board to match our theme.
Here is one of the banners I made. I used greeting cards I picked up from Homegoods on clearence and I tied them all together with cute ribbons!
This is one of my snack tables I put together.
Look at my adorable cupcakes!! I picked up the polka dot liners at Michaels and I made the cupcake toppers myself. They tasted yummy too!
One of the lollipop topiarys I made.
I loved the way these came out!
Ok so you won't believe I didnt even get a good shot of my candy buffet. I was so bummed I could have cried. I spent sooooo much time and effort into this station and I didnt even get a frontal shot of it. Whahhh :( But at least you can get a idea of what it looked like. Ha!
My little niece Alana :)
This pennant banner I also made myself on my lovely little cricut (my bff..hehe!)
OH MY GOD....have you ever seen soooo many gift!? Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!! We love you :)
Ahhh here are my cupcakes blowing out their candles!!!! Too cute!
Here are the little favors I gave out, mini gumball machines. I made the favor tags myself and attached them with ribbon :)
I just put this together randomly and stuck in on a little table. I had extra lollipops and I used this little tree I had from xmas :) Isn't it kinda cute?
Take out boxes to fill up with candy at the candy buffet, YUM! I picked these up at party city for only 99 cents each! Colors were so bright I loved them!
A closer look at my centerpieces :)

Hope you enjoyed these photos...I had so much fun putting it all together! Happy Birthday Cupcakes!!!! Love your little Martha Stewart Mommy :)


  1. So cute! I got to your blog via Pinterest :)

  2. What an adorable birthday theme! My little guy turns 1 in two months! I have been so excited making plans for his party, I may "borrow" a few ideas! I got to your blog via Pinterest too! <3

  3. The Dum Dumm wreath is adorable and seems pretty easy to recreate....famous last words. Found your blog via Pinterest. You are very talented!

  4. So much fun! Everything looks awesome! Perfectly put together! I'm a new follower to show some blog love! Please stop by and follow back, I'd appreciate it!

    Warmest Regards,

  5. Hi! I found you through Susieqtpie's Scraps of Life. What a marvelous job you did! I can only imagine how much work this was, especially so soon after the holidays. You rule!

  6. Love the rhinestone iron on! Can you pls. share the site you ordered it from? Our boy/girl twins are turning 5 in January and we are doing this theme too! So fun! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas! :)

  7. Where did you get the mini bubble gum machine?

  8. May I ask how you went about making the dum dumm wreath? Did you start on the inner circle and then work your way around ?!?

  9. Fantastic arrangements! I can’t really take my eyes off this post. I got so many amazing ideas for my daughter’s birthday celebration. We are planning to book one of the San Francisco venues for her birthday celebration because it is on the New Year’s Eve and this definitely needs to be grand!