Thursday, April 28, 2011

So everyone is always asking me how the new shop is let me tell you :)
The new shop is doing wonderful! Excellent actually! I don't have too many walk ins but I'm completely OK with that!!! No, really!! I am so swamped with on-line orders day after day that I'm not concerned with getting walk ins. But of coarse I still have time to friends and families parties! I absolutely love having my shop. It's my little get away that I get to clear my mind and rock out music, while I'm making money at the same time! I get to come and go as I please too! That's a huge plus!! Especially cause I have a cupcake in pre-school half day. I spend my mornings with my little man and then he goes with "Tio Wudy" as Mateo would say in the afternoons. So life is pretty great right now :) But it will be even sweeter when I go get my new Louis :) Whew who!!!!

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